"The world's finest selection of demo skis"

-J. Cutts, Senior Editor of Ski Magazine
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World Class Demo Skis in Stowe, VT

Stowe Vermont's World Class Demo Center is Pinnacle Ski Sports!

Just like test driving a new car, some skiers prefer to "test drive" new skis before they buy a pair. We can't say we disagree with their thinking. Skis are quite the investment, and when cared for properly, can last you several years. That's exactly why

Pinnacle Ski and Sports offers "The World's Finest Selection of Demo Skis," according to Joe Cutts, Senior Editor at Ski Magazine. Of course if you don't believe him, you can always find out yourself! Get started by submitting your lease form online!

Pinnacle Ski and Sports Ski Rentals

Stowe Vermont's Premier Ski Rental Shop is Pinnacle Ski Sports!

Tired of watching everyone else have a great time on the slopes, but not being able to join them? Well don't let your lack of gear hold you back any longer. Pinnacle Ski and Sports has a fleet of rental skis from Volkl that are designed as beginner skis. In the skis we rent, you'll find a deep sidecut, making turning a breeze. Plus, they feature early rise

technology, meaning the front of the skis are just slightly elevated over the snow. This also helps you initiate turns, and helps avoid "hooking your tips". If not all of this makes sense yet, don't worry. Just come on by, rent some skis, and join your friends on the mountain! Start by filling out a rental form online!

Pinnacle Ski and Sports Snowboard Rentals

Stowe Vermont's Premier Ski Rental Shop is Pinnacle Ski Sports!

While most of us at Pinnacle Ski and Sports are avid skiers, it's undeniable that the snowboarding scene is just as popular at Stowe. For the sake of convenience, we also offer snowboard rentals to those just starting out in the sport. So next time you're heading up to rent some skis, and you find out your friend snowboards, don't panic. Just swing by Pinnacle Ski and Sports where everyone can rent the gear they need! Or better yet, fill out this form and we'll have your board ready and waiting!