Our Pledge To You: Keeping You Safe While Enabling You To Get Out And Enjoy The Outdoors.

It is our highest priority to make you feel safe and welcome at Pinnacle Ski and Sports, second only to ensuring that you receive fantastic service that will help you get outside and enjoy our beautiful State. We are working to ensure all the necessary safety measures are in place, perfected, and effective in maintaining the proper protocols and cleanliness of our retail location to the highest of standards for when we are allowed to open our doors. We will be clear with our procedures in making you feel comfortable and welcome here, and we want to be as up-front and transparent as possible. We can’t wait to see our customers and friends again and we look forward to helping and assisting you in getting outside to enjoy our endless outdoor recreation opportunities. We have taken the following steps to ensure your shopping experience is as safe and worry-free as possible.  Our procedures and pledge:

  • PPE, including gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer will be available to our customers at the front door and throughout the store. Please use it.
  • We are constructing a UV Disinfectant light room for all product including apparel, shoes, helmets, and goggles. All items will be run through after being touched or tried on.  In terms of protocol, we will provide shopping baskets for customers to put items in as they are shopping, and when done to leave them in the dressing room to be put in the UV room by an employee.
  • Registers will be separated from customers by plexiglass.
  • All employees will wear proper PPE.
  • Cleaning will occur a minimum of 3 times per day: Before opening, mid-day, and upon closing. Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Spacing and traffic flow through the shop will be marked and signed to encourage proper distancing.
  • Bike rentals will occur outside as much as possible. Reservations are encouraged.  We will place your reserved bikes on an “outbound” rack with the customer’s name on a ticket on the handlebar.  When bikes are returned, customers will place them on the “inbound” rack.  Prior to any bike being moved for whatever reason, it will be disinfected and wiped down. 
  • Bike helmets will be disinfected and given a run through the UV room to ensure cleanliness both before and after use.
  • Inner Bootworks will remain open this summer (Wednesday through Sunday), however we will be limiting total customers in the space to one at a time to reduce crowding. Although not necessary, if you would like to make an appointment to ensure a specific time, please call or email in advance for scheduling.
  • We will be encouraging payment via credit cards as much as possible
  • Do not forget about our online presence, SkiEssentials.com. Order online and select in-store or curbside pickup for your items.  You can call us from the Pinnacle Ski and Sports parking lot and we’ll bring your order out to you. 


We can’t wait to see you back in our store, gearing up for your favorite adventures.  Take care, be safe, and we’ll see you soon!


Update 1: We are pleased to announce that starting starting Monday, May 11th we will begin offering bike rentals and demos to the public. We encourage you to reserve ahead of time via summer.pinnacleskisports.com/rentals so that we can get the bikes ready for you ahead of time and limit any unnecessary close in-person interactions.